Week 15: Artist Interview – Elia Murray


For this week’s artist interview, I interviewed Elia Murray. Elia’s creative artwork involves sculptures, painting, and drawing. Everything in the photograph of Elia’s artwork was created by her. The stuffed animals were also made by her. It was very hard for me to believe that an artist can create those stuffed animals until Elia described how she made them. They look like they could be made by a factory but they are not! I became interested in having one for myself because she said not every stuffed animal she made is the same because some might contain more cotton inside or the stitching would be different. If I were to buy a stuffed animal made by Elia, it would be different from any of the other one made.

Elia’s artwork can be bought by anyone. She currently has a website that sells all of her creations. The reason why she does this is because she needs to buy art supplies. Selling her artwork is a bonus to her account because it allows her to buy supplies she needs for school and to create artwork for people who are interested. Elia was highly influenced by her parents to become an artist. Her dad taught her how to draw and her mom completely influenced her to be an artist. Elia originally wanted to major in English but decided to become an artist. It was not a bad thing that her parents made her become an artist because her artwork is very nice and it has a meaning to what she is painting/creating. Every character she makes involves a lot of time and in the end they look perfect. She hopes one day her characters can be brought to life on screen.

If you see the picture that I took of Elia’s artwork, the portrait that has the big doctor and a little girl on a chair was inspired by a health care article. The whole time she focused on creating a balancing image whole having fun at the same time. The portrait that has a fish was created based on a poem she had to read in one of her classes. All of her portraits/characters have a meaning to them. She does not make artwork that can be interpreted in many ways. Not only does she draw fake characters and makes sculptures, she also can draw dog portraits for anyone interested. A small fee is applied. Elia is also into poetry. Remember when I said she wanted to major in English, well that how she got her poetic side. Currently she is working on a book made on a myth about how a black bear turns into a polar bear. The current working title is: A Bear in the Snow.


Week 15: Classmate Interview – Jairo


This week I met Jairo. Jairo is currently a Junior at California State University, Long Beach.  His major is communications and has developed great speaking skills with any person he meets. He does get a bit nervous at first when he talks to people but after a few minutes, he gets comfortable speaking. In Jairo’s Freshman year, he was in Mechanical Engineering but switched to Communications. It wasn’t because of all the math he had to take it was the environment that made him switch his major. I do agree with Jairo that the engineering environment is not the best and students in classes tend to not want to give help.

Jairo does not live in Long Beach, he lives in Wilmington with his family. He currently commutes but plans on getting a place for himself soon. He works in North Gate in a food market called Gonzales Markets. What is very awesome is the he is the manager of the meat department! In his job, there are about 3 managers one being the head of everyone. He already applied to become the main manager and will soon be getting the position. His current position involves managing the quality of the foods, making sure that the food is fresh, people doing their jobs, and making sure that the selves are full with merchandise. The difficult part of his job is that he is both a full time student and a full time worker. That is like working two full time jobs.

Jairo listens to Rap and Old School Rap. His favorite artists are Big L, Gang Starr, Kendrick Lamar, etc. He mainly likes the rap that was made in the old times. He also likes the singers who are individual because when they get into a group, their music changes in order to accommodate every person in the group. During the summer Jairo plans on going to Mexico to visit some family. He has never been out of the country but he has been out of the state. He has been to Arizona and Las Vegas. He sadly did not get to enjoy Vegas because he was only 18 years old at the time. Over the summer he also plans on going to Vegas to enjoy what it has to offer.

Week 14: Artist Interview – Yireh Elaine Kwak

IMG_0210[1]For this week artist interview, I got to see Yireh Elaine Kwak amazing Fullerton Hills painting. Yireh told us that she wants to be different from most artists. She gets her inspirations from her surroundings and paints a picture of what she is surrounded by. She currently lives in Fullerton Hills and her picture gives viewers a lot of detail on how the area she lives in looks like. Of course it is not that color but the color she uses pulls the viewers’ attention. Then our own imagination puts the colors that we would actually see if we were looking at Fullerton Hills.

Yireh has her plans set on working in a museum or working as an artist. She is currently getting her portfolio ready with all of her best works in order to take them with her to her future interviews. Yireh has actually made some business with her artistic work, she has already sold some of her paintings. The one she was displaying in the gallery is one of her most recently finished masterpieces but I am not sure if she will be selling this one. Her art consists of landscapes which tends to have a lot of artist. This is where Yireh wants to be different in order to stand out from every other landscape artists’. The title of her masterpiece is called “Home.” I pretty much explained in the first paragraph what the painting is about and the title completes the thought of it being the area in which her home is located.

Her artwork took around a month and a half to complete. This is one of her most recent finished artworks and still plans on creating more paintings of the area she lives in. She enjoys living in areas like this because she has the advantage of creating landscape portraits and showing them to CSULB students now and in the future in museums. It is amazing how Yireh sits in her backyard and with a sketch book she sketches everything she sees in her back yard and then copies her sketches to a much bigger paper. She highly uses oil paints because it gives her paintings the best range of neutral colors.

Week 14: Classmate Interview – Angelica Palad

IMG_0193[1]This week’s classmate interview, I met Angelica Palad. Angelica is a freshman at California State University Long Beach. She currently stays at the dorms at Parkside in one of the front buildings. I am not saying which building because people might go out and try looking for her. She actually does not plan on dorm-ing next year. She would enjoy having more room to herself and is looking to rent an apartment for the school year. The thing she dislikes about Parkside Dorms, and everyone else that stays there, is the heat! Parkside does not having an AC system and during hot days, the rooms tend to get even hotter than the temperature outside. Angelica said it would be very difficult to sleep if she did not have the fan on in the room.

Angelica is from a city called Porterville, CA. She told me it is in between Bakersfield and Fresno. She actually enjoys Long Beach because of the much cooler temperature and the environment. Angelica’s major is Nutrition and Dietetics. What she wants to use her major is to become a Dietitian. I should have asked her what I should highly eat in order to maintain a steady body weight. Angelica is into make-up and she seemed surprised when I talked about what I know about make-up. Her favorite make up store is Sephora. Her favorite make up brand is Urban Decay.

Angelica’s family consists of 6 other sisters + her + both of her parents = 9. That is a pretty big family and it is a good thing because she has so many sisters to talk to/ play with. She is the second oldest of all of her sisters. Angelica likes to draw on her free time. She also likes to go out for runs and staying in shape. A different country that she has visited is the Philippines. Her parents own property out there and all of her family lives on that property. When they went to visit them, her parents had to buy a lot of plane tickets. Along the airplane ride, she stopped in a Japanese airport for about 2 hours and then continued their journey.

Week 13: Classmate Interview – Brandon Harmada

IMG_0178[1]This week I met Brandon Harmada. Brandon attends California State University, long Beach. His major is Mechanical Engineering. He is currently a freshman here at CSULB. Brandon is from my hometown! He lives in Palmdale, CA and attended Pete Knight High School. His old high school and my old high school are arch enemies and are only 10 minutes apart in a car. Brandon’s old high school is actually in the city of Palmdale and my high school is a bit passed the end of Palmdale. He does not commute because that would be a horrible 3 hour drive with all the traffic in the morning when passing through the Valley and LA areas. Instead, Brandon stays at the dorms at Beachside in Pacific building, same as me.

Brandon’s hobbies are video games, writing stories, play football with friends, and basketball. When I asked Brandon what his favorite video game is, he had a bit of a difficulty answering the question. In the end, he ended up saying that his favorite video games is Bio Shock Infinite. As of favorite video game console, he does not have a favorite one. He instead has every single console in order to play any game. I see this as a good thing because when I used to play video games, I would be mad because I used to enjoy playing Halo on my Xbox but when I upgraded to a PS3, no more Halo for me.

I asked Brandon how often does he go home and he answered, “not often at all.” The reason isn’t because he doesn’t like his family, it’s mainly because of school. Last semester, he only went home three times and that’s because of the holidays other than that he stayed in his dorm. He actually enjoys being at the dorm. He likes the environment especially because theirs new people to meet and make new friends. We then began to talk about television. We both agreed that our television out here is basically our phones and laptops. Back when Brandon used to watch TV, his favorite show was Game of Thrones and Firefly.

Week 13: Artist Interview – Mart Knop

IMG_0179[1]This week’s artist interview, I got to see Marty Knop’s amazing computer programmingvisual arts. Marty’s gallery allowed me to see what Professor Zucman was asking for on last week’s activity. My visual information looks nothing like what Marty makes. What is amazing of this computer designing art is that it is all done through a computer software. To me personally, it sounds a bit difficult to do because working with computers and using a program can be pretty hard. Marty has a degree of Master’s in Fine Art Printmaking. Marty’s form of art follows a set of instructions that he personally creates. Then he passes on his set of instructions to other artists or he chooses to follow his set of instructions.IMG_0180[1]

As you can see on my blog week 10 artist interview, Marty actually created Dawn Ertl’s set of instructions on how to create her other weaving creation. Marty actually helped her on making the weaving pattern. Going back to Marty’s gallery, the program he uses to create his designs is Wolfram. Wolfram requires programming skills as well as mathematics. The reason why math is involved is because you have to transform every math symbol into computer graphics. When doing this process, it is very important to keep track of every detail you put into Wolfram. If something is entered incorrectly, the shapes or line will not come out how they should.

Seeing Marty’s artwork and knowing how Wolfram works, I am able to see all the detail he has to go through. Wolfram is practically a notepad with a bunch of words and symbol, each telling the system what to do and how to do it. Marty’s artwork is completely different from what people see as art and the types of arts a gallery has. When people think of art, they usually think portraits or sculptures. Thanks to Marty and other printmaking artists, art can be seen in more than just two ways.IMG_0181[1]

Week 12: Activity – Algorithmic Art

1. Grab a piece of paper, ruler, 2 different color markers, and a pencil.IMG_0167[1]2. With a pencil, make a dot on every corner of the paper 1 cm from each edge.

IMG_0166[1]3. Connect the four dots making a smaller sized square compared to the paper.

4. Locate the short line you drew and make little marks 2.5 cm apart from each other (you should have a total of 7 marks along the line).IMG_0169[1]5. Perform the same procedure in step 4 on the other line.

6. Connect the little marks that you made during step 4 and 5 making a total of 8 columns.IMG_0168[1]7. Locate the long line and make little marks along the line 3.25 cm apart from each other (you should have a total of 7 marks).IMG_0170[1]8. Perform the same procedure in step 7 on the other line closest to the edge.

9. Connect the little marks you made during step 7 and 8 making a total of 8 columns.

10. Grab a colored marker and chose a corner to start on. Skip a box and paint the next box.

11. After you finish with one color, grab the other color and paint the rest of the boxes.


What I am going for in writing the procedure is to first confuse people with what the finishing product will be. Writing the procedure is a bit difficult because many of the time I was writing the rules in a way that only makes sense to me. I had to go back many times and change up the wording in order for the things to make sense to other people. I see the difficulty in doing this because you have to write out every single rule out and make sure that you are able to do this with the same outcome I had after trying this activity.

The procedure is pretty much straight forward on what they have to do but the only tricky part is the reason to why I made the four dots 1 cm on every corner. The reason why I did that is because there was a bit of a difficulty making eight even squares so if I removed 2 cm from the paper, I got a perfect number for each column on both edges.  The results I ended up getting is a checker’s paper which can be used to play checkers! It is big enough to be used for chess and other various board games. I enjoyed doing this procedure because not only did I complete an assignment, I am able to keep this activity so I can play a board game when I get bored.