Week 1: Activity

Culture tech art

Hello bloggers,

Everybody has different opinions on how they define Technology, Art, and Culture. Not everybody is wrong on how they define these terms, it is everyone’s personal opinion on how they do.

Technology is a huge term that can be defined in tremendous ways. For me technology is an idea that humans adopted so we can become dominant on earth. With the creation of technology, cave men learned the uses of fire which allowed humans to cook their meats. Now that technology keeps advancing, fire has been added to home like in our chimneys, house heating, and stoves. Not only did technology allow humans to cook their food but also find cures for certain diseases. Technology helps keep human life alive and strong for many years to come.

The way i define Art is the expression to certain artistic skills. To me art is not only defined by paintings or sculptures, but other creative art pieces like music, ice sculpting, and dancing. All of these artistic forms expresses how each human individual feels towards certain things going on in their lives. A man could be painting his a certain tragedy with symbols and putting them together in his art work or a women could listen to music that describes the same mood she is in. Art is a fundamental way for human to escape certain occasion that are occurring in their life.

Culture to me is a way that humans chose to identify themselves to be, like religion, traditions, and the foods that they eat. Humans adopt a culture the moment they are born because the parents have a lot to do with the culture of their children. The parents are the “enforcers” of their child’s culture because children are raised by their parents therefore the child adopts that culture.

 Picture Information: https://piecesandmelodies.files.wordpress.com/2011/06/ben-heine-pencil-vs-camera-55-davide-gentile-art-evolution.jpg 


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