Week 2: Artist Interview – Chase

Marilyn Werby Gallery
Third Painting From The Left To The Right

For this week’s artist interview, I choose Chase. Chase had an amazing drawing that he titled “Discovery Channel.” When a person sees Chase’s painting, they automatically right away are exposed to nature. The bear in the back highly reminds us of being out in the woods camping or for some people, being in their backyard. This painting is very awesome especially because nature is very amazing to many people like myself. This painting is a view of how people witness something before it happens. I know what you are thinking, “Why aren’t the people running away from the bear?” This painting is made before people begin to react because of the presence of the bear.

When Chad began his painting, it took a lot of sketch work and hours to get the painting where it is at the moment. The biggest struggle that artists have when painting a painting is figuring out where every thing will be. Chase told me that he was struggling a bit on where to put the bear because if he puts it in front, most of the detail would of been blocked by the bear. I then asked Chase if those people have any certain relationship with him and fortunately one does. The guy holding the binoculars staring at the bear is one of Chase’s friend’s. Chase’s friends must be proud of how he came out looking brave staring down the bear. The reason why Chase took between 2-3 weeks on getting the painting where it is today is because he used oil based paint. Normally, water based paints take 1 day to dry but oil based paints take 2-3 days to dry (provided by Chase).

When I asked Chase why did he name his painting “Discovery Channel,” he responded that “the nature in the painting reminded him of the actual Discovery Channel.” Discovery Channel mainly plays things that happen in nature and the title he put on his painting goes with what he was going for. The old school television where the women is laying on is a symbol of technology. You need a television in order to watch the Discovery Channel. Chase made the combination of a TV and the channel itself by incorporating the two into his painting. This painting can be related to many people’s life experiences like having a gathering or even meeting a bear for the first time. This painting grabbed my attention because of the huge details it has.

"Discovery Channel" by: Chase
“Discovery Channel” by: Chase

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