Week 2: Activity – Spray Paint

Venice Beach Artistic Walls

For week two spray paint activity, I chose to go to Venice Beach. This was my first time ever going to Venice Beach and what an experience it was. Getting to the walls was such a mission because of parking difficulties and then finding the place was difficult as well. When I finally found the place, I saw this wall that was completely painted in gray. The guys that were their were about to start doing graffiti and i asked them if I could use a little piece of their wall but they wanted me give them money. SO i chose to leave and find a different wall.

Graffiti looked easy to do before I tried it for myself today. It is difficult to work with spray paint because of the way it sprays. Its also hard to blend colors together which i tried to do with it. The wind also causes a big issue because it would get the paint on my other letters when the wind would blow the paint. Overall, I enjoyed doing this activity because its something I have never done before. I would do it again but maybe in my backyard so I can keep the art work. A lot of the art work their gets sprayed over by other artists and its difficult to keep your work up at Venice Beach.

Venice Beach was an awesome experience especially because it’s like the only place where graffiti is legal. I never knew about it until Professor Zucman mentioned it. I know my bubble letters are not at it’s best because it was my first time ever doing my name with spray paint.


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