Week 2: Conversation – Nallely Silva

Rogelio and Nallely

This week I met this amazing girl named Nallely SIlva. She actually went to Venice Beach as well. We had no idea we were going to see each other their! Well her graffiti looked great! (Better then mine). I met Nallely in the student art galleries on Thursday 1/29/2015. Her major is Child Development but she used to be in Nursing. The reason why she changed to Child Development was because she wants to work with children. Ever since she was young, working with kids was her dream job.

Nallely currently is living in a dorm at CSULB which we can both relate too. I asked her how often does she go back home to visit her parents and she goes about once every 3 weeks. Her hometown is Lake Los Angeles, CA (which is not in Los Angeles). Lake Los Angeles is actually 2 hours away. She said its like pure desert and a small town where she lives at. The school she attended was 15 minutes away from her house. That sounds quite far to me.

She enjoyed her high school a lot because of her friends and teachers. Nallely was in 6 clubs and did Softball her senior year of high school. We got to relate on a lot of things like we both enjoy Starbucks, going to the beach, and peanut butter with crushed peanuts. The difference we had was that she was born in Los Angeles, CA and I was born 7 hours up North in Stockton, CA.


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