Week 3: Activity – Relational Aesthetics

IMG_3633[1] IMG_3634[1]

For this weeks activity, I got to let people know how my days go on throughout the day. In the morning, I woke up to a view of the clouds covering up the sky. It was a really nice view from my window that morning. I also saw online that my classmates also took notice of the cloudy sky. Who does not like cloudy days?

With this activity, I feel like I got to show people what my day was consisting of. The morning getting up and getting ready for class. Then having to get on the shuttle at Beachside, which always gets full when I am going to class. Then when I got to class, I enjoyed seeing the paintings. I had to post one up because it highly grabbed my attention. The big bird villain coming out of the earth attacking soldiers grabbed my attention because what could it be that they are scared of? A Bird Apocalypse?

When I clicked on the hash tag and saw what classmates where putting up, it was interesting to see that pictures people were taking. Many of them related because many also take the bus to school, many get their morning coffee, and many share the same interests in the paintings that were in the galleries. This activity was pretty fun because everybody was having a good time in their pictures and we all got to share a ay of our lives with other individuals.


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