Week 3: Artist Interview – Josh Benz

The artist I interviewed this week was Josh Benz. The amount of art work that Josh had in the Werby Gallery was about 3 paintings. The one I picked caught my eye as soon as I went into the room. I did not understand what was happening in the painting because it looks like a skater boy puking paint on a park with pine trees. The guy in the painting looks like a real human being! Josh did an amazing job bringing out every detail in his painting from simply drawing the shaded areas from the sun.

I was completely amazed of how much detail was taken into the painting. Josh told us that he started painting in community college which is very amazing because he has really good painting skills. This painting in particular was painted with oil paint and of course it took a while to completely this painting. It took Josh 3-4 weeks to paint and 8 hours to draw his painting.

In Josh’s painting, he aims for imaginative/expressive paintings. He’s is all about the details as well. The best way to show expression in paintings is to hit all of the details and excite the viewers with every detail. Even though Josh’s painting does not reveal a certain city, the idea of it being a certain place makes us draw conclusions that it might even look like the city we lie in.

By: Josh Benz
By: Josh Benz

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