Week 3: Classmate Interview: Christian Park


For this week’s Classmate Interview, I got to meet Christian Park. I met him on February 5th 2015. The way we met was by simply asking each other if we can interview each other and we both agreed. So we both got our notebooks out and started asking each other some questions. Of course, it is always hard for some people to feel comfortable when they first meet but I felt completely fine talking to Christian. Even though were not 100% similar, we both enjoy art in the same way.

Christian is a freshman at California State University Long Beach with a pre-major in Film. The reason why he is into film is because he is into movies a lot. Not ony does he like movies, he also likes to listen to music. Some of his favorite bands are: The Beatles, Artctic Monkeys, and Mac-Demarco. In his university life, Christian stays at the dorms on campus at Parkside. His first semester, he had to commute al the way from Bishop Montgomery, right besides Torrance, CA.

Even though Christian lives at the dorms, he still goes home every weekend to visit his family and friend’s. I asked him how does he feel being away from home and he said “it doesn’t feel much different, the only difference is that my parent’s are not their physically like at home.” We then started talking about television shows. His favorite television show is “Breaking Bad.” I did not ask him the reason to why that is his favorite show but everyone has their reason on why they like certain things.


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