Week 4: Activity – The Rogelio Show

For this week activity, I chose to go out of my comfort zone by going riding The Home Depots Lumber cart around their parking lot. I felt a bit embarrassed because I only got this thought of riding the luber cart when I was younger. Whenever I would go with my dad to any hardware store, I would want to ride the carts while my dad pushes it but I never got the courage to ask him to push me in one. Until now I know how it feels to ride one.

I thought about going in the store riding it but I felt like it might of been too much because they do not people riding them in the store. It did not say anything about not being able to ride them when you are in the parking lot. When I was riding the cart, the cart itself was a bit wobbly because the middle tire is bigger than the front tires and back tires which makes the cart bobble back and forth at times.

This experience was pretty cool because it was something I had always wanted to do as I was growing up. Now that im all grown up, I got to experience it. When I began to be pushed on the cart, I began to get a bit nervous because I thought about the cart getting stuck on a hole/crack and then falling off but then as I got over the feeling of me falling and the whole bobbing thing, it felt like I was riding a scooter slowly through some bumpy dirt tracks.



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