Week 4: Artist Interview – Daniel Rivera

“Post Tenebras Delight” by: Daniel
This week I went into the DR. Maxine Merlino Gallery and became aware of the other form of art. Many people believe that art only consists of drawing and painting but Daniel’s masterpiece is also considered art. The title of his art work is “Post Tenebras Delight.” the reason why he put this name to his art work was because the first two words are of his favorite film Post Tenebras Lux. The last word, delight, comes from his artwork itself. As you can see in the picture, his art work is not lit up like other art work. Instead the lights are off and the blue lights are turned on to pop up the plexi glass and the color white. To me, this art work brought my attention because Daniel made it not for himself but to give something to the people.

You might be wondering “what is this artwork going to give to people?” Daniel painted and adorned around 700 2″ X 4″ blocks and all were given away that afternoon after the art show! all of that hard work he put in to creating those blocks was tremendous. He said it took him around 2 months to complete everything! And it all was given away to artists and fellow classmates. Think of all the work and time it took to cut out every single block and then painting/adorning every single one of them. His art piece only has about 255 blocks on it because the plexi glass was only able to accommodate that amount.

Daniel also used help from his parents and friends to complete his artwork. His inspiration was to of course give something away, in this case artistic blocks. Daniel’s artwork was awesome because its not something we ordinarily see as artwork. Im not saying that it is un-ordinary, it’s simply a piece of artwork other than what people believe art to always be.


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