Week 4: Classmate Interview – Joseph

Joseph and Me

This week I got to meet Joseph. His is a senior here at California State University Long Beach. His major is Management. Joseph is a transfer student from Peoria, Illinois. Now he lives in Long Beach nearby from school. His parents also lived in Peoria but moved to Ventura, California because his dad accepted a job opportunity. Joseph’s dad is currently serving in the U.S. Air Force which is awesome!

Joseph will be graduating this May 2015 as a Management major and plans on opening his own bar tending business here in Long Beach, CA. He really likes beer and his favorite beers are basically all of them. He did mention Samuel Adams, Corona, and Heineken to be some of his top beers. Joseph and me can relate to this because I myself also like beer and we talked about this for a bit and we gave each other tips on what imported beers are good and are not good.

We also talked about what countries he has visited and he has been to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and U.S. Surgeon Island. What he did in Puerto Vallarta was visit the bars. He enjoyed being their because Puerto Vallarta is filled with bars! Some activities that Joseph did in JR. College/ High School was play soccer. The position he played was goaly and went defeated until the game before playoffs. That was their first lost in his whole season.


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