Week 5: Activity – Kickstarter


La Serna High School Presents “Shrek The Musical”


Romanza The Musical – Rome 1963


The first kickstarted video grabbed my attention since I saw the image of Shrek. Ever since I was young I was always into Shreks movie because I found them very entertaining and funny. Seeing that their is a musical for it grabbed my attention even more! I definitely would fund that musical because the students in the video point out the fact that theater art is under funded in many high school. Schools mainly depend on things that many students are into like sports and extracurricular activities.

The other video I did not like because Romanza is not any part of my interest. The music they showed seemed a bit too out dated. I feel like not many people are interested in that type of music. The biggest differences between these two videos is that the second video is based on 1960’s music and the first video is about Shrek and a musical of certain songs in the movie which is AWESOME!

Beam: The smart projector that fits in any light socket


VIS – ‘Useful Power’


The next category I picked was technology. There are so many new gadgets that people are inventing that can help civilization and one of the best ones that I found was the Beam Smart Projector. The least necessary gadget that I found was the VIS useful power,  The reason why the Beam one is the best one for me is because you can turn your phone into a projector and project anything from your phone to the wall or screen. Who wouldn’t want that? you can basically make any light socket into your projection screen area.

The similarities between the two videos is how they both used engineers to manufacture their things in order to give do what the gadget is supposed to do. I honestly think that the second video is simply copying other things that are on the market because they already sell flash lights, phone chargers, and power boosters all in one as well.


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