Week 5: Artist Interview – Dianna Franco

By: Diana Franco

For this weeks artist interview, I chose Diana Franco as my artist to interview. When I walked into the Max L. Gatov West Gallery, I was amazed with all the color mixtures that Diana did with her art work. Every portrait had something different that i was able to visualize. The picture to the left looks like a fist with a blue lighting bolt next to it symbolizing human power. Dianna’s art work was really amazing. Its not something that you see and can find a certain figure right away, you have to use your mind and think of the possibilities the art work can be. What made Dianna’s painting really cool was that she does not name her art work. She lets the viewers develop a title for themselves in order for them to see certain figures in the art work.

The first painting I would name “Fist of Lighting” because that is what i personally saw. I thought Dianna did a great job on making us develop a title on our own of her own paintings. Dianna’s inspiration was the relationship of natures and civilization how both of these things change one another. What I automatically thought of when she said that was forests. Human being wipe down forests in the look for lumber and other valuable objects. Humans then begin to civilize in the areas where trees are removed. They start building homes, roads, etc. Another important feature of Dianna’s art work is the brush strokes she did. She used a special technique in order to give the painting more contrast and looks to catch the viewers attention.

DIanna said she took about 2 weeks in order to complete every single painting that was in the gallery. She completed them in August during summer break. Her first layer on her paintings is acrylic and the top layer is oil based paints. As you can see in the pictures, she is really into dark colors. That’s because bright colors make her happy. She has been into art since she was three years old and has not changed her mind on how she feels about art. Now this year will be Dianna’s last year at CSULB and she will be doing what she loves to do.

By: Dianna Franco

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