Week 5: Classmate Interview – Maddie Iwanaga

For this week’s classmate interview, I got to meet Maddie Iwanaga. Maddie love to listen to music. Her favorite band is The Beetles. She also attends a lot of Warped Concerts that feature Punk Rock artists. Inclusively, Maddie will be attending a concert in March to see Blank 182. Maddie currently is a Freshman at California State University Long Beach and leaves at the Beachside dorms. Her home town is 40 minutes away in San Dimas, CA and goes home every weekend to visit her family and friends.

Her major is Psychology and plans on minoring in Criminal Justice. It makes sense why she would want to be a minor in Criminal Justice because she loves shows that involve forensic investigations like CSI. Her other favorite show on television is Ridiculousness. She told me that her and her siblings love watching it because it makes them laugh A LOT! (They are not the only ones) Her favorite movie of all time is Pulp Fiction. She also has another favorite called The God Father.

I also asked Maddie if she has ever traveled out of the country and her answer was no. She said that traveling out of the country is one of her goals after graduating from CSULB. Maddie does have siblings, she has an older sister and a younger brother, making her the middle child. We also talked about things we would like to learn how to do and she would like to learn how to play the guitar. A similarity we both have is that we both love cotton candy ice cream! Its difficult to find someone with the same interest!

Maddie and Me

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