Week 6: Activity – Yarn Bombing


What mainly inspired me to do this activity was this painting in the FA2 building. It consisted of many things all put into a large strand of paper. Not one things resembles the other but in a way you can see similar shapes in every figure. I then began to think of a shape I can fiber bomb and weirdly a water faucet came into my head and I stuck with it the whole time.

image1 (1)

My experience with fiber bombing was amazing. The water faucet was completely added with style to it. Before I fiber bombed the faucet, the original look was very standard looking and with the fiber on it, it looks completely different. I thought this activity was going to be hard because of the choosing of an object to fiber bomb but instead I got the idea in the FA 2 building and stuck with it. Choosing the shirt i wanted to use as fiber was the difficult part because I was picky with what colors I wanted and I ended up choosing a gray shirt with orange stitching’s.

The way that my fiber bombing compared to my graffiti writing experience was that they both involved my mind being creative. In both experiments I had to think of the way I wanted my work to come out and where I wanted to do my activity. Both experiences were something new in my life which is awesome because I enjoy doing new things in life. The way that they differed was the location and the type of material used. Both experiments were awesome to do and both are sort of a remedy for your stress.

Yarn bombing and Graffiti differ in sex roles. Men tend to do most of the graffiti on the streets while yarn bombing is mainly women doing the work. Many people also see the stereotype that women are the ones who do the stitching while men don’t. Their isn’t anyhting feminine about yarn bombing but the stereotype that has developed over the years still continues to be nurtured because men continue to see yarn as a material that women use. Their is a difference when you consider yarn an art or when you do not consider yarn an art. Your consider it an art when it is used to display certain characteristics like yarn bombing. In the video that we saw in class, the women portrays art by yarn bombing the train for valentines day. Yarn is considered not an art when it is used for scarfs or head gear, that’s when it is considered a piece of clothing.


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