Week 6: Artist Interview – Emily Babbette

For this week’s artist interview, I chose to interview Emily Babbette. Emily’s artwork interested me greatly because her portraits of other people were amazing. She had approximately 6 painting in the East Gatov Gallery. There were two artists in the same gallery. Emily does her artwork from observations. As you can see in the painting, she sketches out a person sitting down and then adds all the extra details like the hair, sofa, and background. The amount of time she takes doing this is about 40 hours. That is a lot of time concentrating on a centered piece and to me all of her paintings came out amazing.

The reason why this painting, “Material Girls” by Emily Babbette, got my attention is 1 because of the title and 2 because of the large details she used in the painting. I also admired how she used charcoal. I have tried painting with charcoal in the past and it is very hard to mess with because any little smudge you make resembles big on the paper. Charcoal is very thick and sticks to your hands like grease. Emily did and amazing job on keeping her painting clean from smudges and finger prints. Another thing that greatly interests me is the amount of time she took drawing the person. She said she took around 12 hours to complete the portrait of the person.

Of the 6 paintings Emily had in the gallery, 2 of them were only made up and the rest were real occasions happening in the life. It is amazing to think that Emily was actually in the location that the paintings were and she put all of those details on paper. It’s amazing how artwork can represent the location you are at in one well detailed painting. I did notice something similar between Emily’s artwork and the other girls artwork, they both were centered on a single person. Emily even said that her and the other artist agreed to make similar artwork like relating themes, backgrounds, and the type of painting which is charcoal.

“Material Girls” by: Emily Babbette

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