Week 6: Classmate Interview – Andrew


In this weeks classmate interview, I interviewed Andrew. Andrew goes to California State University Long Beach and his major is Management. He is currently a second year at CSULB and enjoys playing soccer. I do not know what his favorite position is when he plays soccer but he did say that he likes to play basketball for fun. He currently lives in Cerritos but he actually comes from Queens, New York. His mom lives in Koreatown LA. Andrew was a really nice guy to talk to. He told me that he is a first generation children of his whole family to be born and live in the United States! He is an only child which I asked him “is it nice being an only child” and he responded that it sucks because you are lonely most of the time. I clearly understand that because not having siblings means no one to play around with as you grow older.

I asked Andrew what other countries has he visited and he responded that he has gone to Korea, and Mexico. We then talked about Mexico for a while and the city he has visited is Tijuana, Mexico. I asked him like what things do you do down in Mexico and he said EAT. I completely understand what he said because in Tijuana you can enjoy some of the best ceviche, pescado, tacos de lengua/cabeza, tripas, ETC! The food out their is amazing, he even agreed with that. He goes with his friends and they too enjoy the food out their. He said the only problem going out their is that they attract a lot of attention. Too many people stare at them because he is Korean and he stands out when he is walking on the streets.

Tijuana and food was an ongoing conversation because I also go out to Tijuana quite often and enjoy the same foods he does. We differ in the types of salsas we like. He prefers the green salsa and I prefer the red salsa. The biggest difference between the two salsas are the types of chilies used. Andrew does speak Spanish and can pronounce some words pretty decent. What he both hate is the traffic there is when crossing back to the U.S. The longest waiting time I have ever done was three hours! During the time Andrew has waited, he would buy churros which I agree with him is that they are really good!


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