Week 7: Activity – Landscapes with a Corpse

For the activity, Landscapes with a Corpse, I had to do a lot of thinking and I chose to do my corpse with a bar full of weights falling on top of me and crushing me before I could receive any help from anyone. Making the scene was a bit difficult because I had to move things around in order for the image to be how it is. Lighting was much more difficult than I thought. Finding the best way to take the picture took time to develop because either their was a big shadow or my picture was not resembling the occasion I wanted. The help I received was from my youngest sister and my brother. My sister took the photo while my brother was moving the light around and finding the best lighting.

After so many attempts of taking the picture and moving things around, I feel like my chest got a work out. My siblings would joke around because of the occasion thinking that what if I get a cramp and the weight actually squishes me. This occasion is actually pretty scary because when people work out and they begin to get tired, their arms tend to lose strength and if they do not have a spotter to spot them, the bar could fall on them squishing their chest or even neck cutting off oxygen to their lungs.

The reason why I chose this occasion is because I remember when I first benched the bar was too heavy for me and I couldn’t push the bar up and it was sitting on my chest for a while and luckily my friend was spotting me and lifted it off of me. I still continue to use the bench but I am more careful with it now. I might as well continue to have a spotter in order for this occasion not to happen.

FullSizeRender (3)


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