Week 7: Artist Interview – Juliette Angulo

For this weeks artist interview, I interviewed Juliette Angulo. Juliette’s art consisted of photography of her sister than is currently deployed in the U.S. ARMY. Juliette cuts out her sister in every photo in resemblance to how she looks. Every picture in the gallery had her sister in every photo but every single one was cut out to a figure of her sister. Her photograph’s all were put on thick picture paper with very good ink. I was able to see a very nice reflection of the of the light from the gallery on the photo’s. I personally haven’t seen pictures with such a clear image and very fine printing.

Juliette’s sister is like her best friend! I was able to tell by her voice just how much she misses her because they got along very well. Just hearing her missing her sister was hard because me simply being away from my family to attend school makes me miss them a lot. Its hard to leave your family after living with them for all your life time. For Juliette to do this for her sister’s and dedicate a gallery to her sister means a lot to her and her self. Juliette also told us that her sister was able to see the gallery she dedicated to her. She actually snap chatted it to her!

Currently Juliette’s sister is deployed in Kuwait doing mechanical work on Apache Attack Helicopters. She will be doing this job for 9 months and is expected to come visit Juliette between July – August. I personally got excited to hear this because they will both be able to communicate much better because when Juliette’s sister got deployed, communication with her sister was difficult and made times difficult. Before she got deployed to Kuwait, her main base is in El Paso, Texas.

Juliette’s photo’s were taken with a Canon 60D and later she upgraded to 1000D. The difference with the two is the lense. 1000D allows better zoom in shots and a clean lens visual. That’s what gives the clear details in the photographs. The arrangement of her photo’s were from the location of where her sister is located. AWESOME!! The figures of her sister almost resemble to the paint of the gallery which is awesome because we have to put a bit more focus into the photo and see the figure of her sister.




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