Week 7: Classmate Interview – Ben Lee


This week I met Ben Lee. Ben is nice guy to talk to. He seems very calm and a friend you can trust. He currently goes to California State University Long Beach. His major is Computer Engineering and it is his second year. We talked about the dorm we stayed at during our freshman year and we both lived at Parkside our freshman year. Even though we lived on opposite buildings, I wonder if we ever saw each other at the dinning hall or even walking to any of our classes? I would not be able to remember because their are a lot of residents at Parkside.

In Ben’s sophomore year at CSULB, he chose to rent an apartment and says it is WAAAAY better than dorming. He has a lot more space for his stuff and less people use the same restroom. Ben is from Arcadia which is located in Pasadena, CA. The distance from his apartment to his house is around 30 minutes but he does not go home very often. He stays out in Long Beach catching up with the work from his classes and studying for midterms. He told me his weekends are mostly dedicated to going to the school’s library and study all day.

We then started to talk about what we did in our high school years and Ben did track as a sport. he also plays basketball but just for fun. In track he ran the 300 meter dash and all other short distance runs including the 400 meter lap. I then asked Ben if he’s been to any country other than the U.S. and he has been to Taiwan. Before he told me about this, I thought Taiwan was a city but it is an island next to China. What he enjoyed about Taiwan was the spa’s and the food. He said they were both amazing and that they are both very different from the U.S. Ben’s favorite type of art is sculptures and very detailed artwork. He is also into nature artwork which we both relate to that.


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