Week 8: Artist Interview – Brian Davis

Artist: Brian Davis
Meeting Brian Davis was an amazing experience. He invited all of us Art 110 students to have some organic fresh squeezed juice from a mixture of vegetables and fruits. The gallery that he was in was the Gatov West Gallery and he was located in the back with a table full of vegetables and fruits, two juicing machines, cabinetry on the back walls, and a couch. The whole layout of where Brian was looked awesome. Brian told us that the cabinetry in the back was going to get thrown out but luckily he took it in and used them for his show. It did involve some work with them and they turned out looking great.

Brian’s passion with freshly squeezed juices is simply a passion everyone creates on something they love. He experienced his passion for juicing after he turned into the culture of natural food which is highly used in South Korea. The fruits and vegetable he gets are from a Korean grocery which is 100% organic. He also has his own personal plantation in his home but its not big enough to continue his juicing obsession. His friends and close relatives also give him vegetable and fruits which is a bonus to his fruit collection. The reason to why Brian gave almost all of Art 110 students juice was because vitamins boost every human being and it gives us all a better experience. It literally engages you into what the person is saying.

Brian did such a good job with inviting us and welcoming us to his art show. He also had a couch and even said we can stay their an sleep! What an awesome offer! Brian is also a highly adventurous guy and has visited South Korea and plans on moving to Italy and bringing his juicing machines with him. Brian also spoke to us about his machines that he purchased. The value of each machine was between $400-$500 each! The reason for this is because these machines get every drop of juice out of whatever you put in it! He uses his machines every three days because washing them is a bit of a hassle. He makes his juice that will last him for three days and then brings out the machines and make more juice.

The juice he made for me was carrots and lemon which is highly recommend trying. It was my favorite and because of this day I have been wanting more freshly squeezed juices!

Cup Made by: Brian Davis

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