Week 8: Classmate Interview – Jacob Macmaster


This week I got to meet Jacob Macmaster. Jacob goes to California State University Long Beach. His major is Biology and plans on becoming a dentist after he graduates. This year is his fifth year attending CSULB and will finish in a year. Jacob currently stays at a apartment in Long Beach. I personally see living at an apartment as a benefit because you get more room and space to yourself. I am pretty sure Jacob agrees.

Jacob comes from Fresno, CA which is located up north semi close to Sacramento. His favorite hobbies are drinking, snow boarding, rock climbing, and hanging out with friends. His favorite drink is shot cups and Guden (exclusive only in Belgium, Europe). In high school, Jacob ran in track. One of the things he wants to do later in life is go to Tomorrow Land in Europe. Tomorrow Land is a rave that is said to be AWESOME! Hopefully I get to bump into Jacob at Tomorrow Land!

We also talked about what video games do we play and his favorite game recently is Destiny. His gaming system is an XBOX 1. I do not really play games but the last gaming system I had was a PS3. Play Station and XBOX differ greatly by the games they have. A game I always wished that PS has was Halo! Halo is also an all time favorite for Jacob. The game Destiny is a bit like Halo, as told by Jacob. Jacob has a Play Station 1 which was literally the first PS console and plans on keeping it until it has a large value. He is also a fan of older games like Need for Speed, Star Wars, etc.


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