Week 8: Activity – Remix Culture


The subjects and pieces are of friends and family,

She discovered print making three years ago,

You Just do it, If you love it, do it,

I then began to thoroughly think about my own death,

And I decided that it would be at the school,

I guess I thought it was kind of a waste of space,

12 hours every day cuz’ of my busy schedule,

Sitting, chilling, close to the winners table.

For this weeks activity, I chose to grab a sentence any sentence from 4 classmates and the last sentence was from my room mate throwing a rhyme. This activity took me a while to complete because making words rhyme that are not yours is a bit difficult. When I first started, the sentences rhymed in my head but once I read them out loud I was confused with what words rhymed and which did not. This activity involved me trying to develop a certain thought into readers head because things would make sense to me but other’s it might not. The hardest part of this activity was simply making things rhyme a bit. I later began to feel like I can be a rap artist. jk.

I think copyrights are a good thing to have in people’s lives because that is the way to label a person’s creation as theirs. It the foundation to proving who was the inventor of the object and protects the makers object from being counter fitted or even robbed. The best uses of copyrights are books, songs, and technologies. Without copyrights, many things like Dr. Suess’s works would be copied and sold at a lower price. This removes the possibility of people even having an income for the thing they invented! Copyrights should continue to be used in order for users of those works to acknowledge the inventor for their masterpiece.

The copyright I chose was the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International. The reason why I chose this copyright is because people from other countries can use my work. The internet is used around the world and people in countries like Mexico and Canada can access my site and use my work as long as they attribute me as the creator. The reason why I thought international is better is because people in almost every country can view things in other countries and by choosing international copyrights, my blogging attribution is protected in other countries.


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