Week 9: Classmate Interview – Serena Carvajal


This week I met Serena Carvajal. Serene currently attends California State University, Long Beach and her major is Civil Engineering (same as me). This is Serena’s first year at CSULB and she loves being out here. She actually lives in Long Beach about 20 minutes away but she chose to dorm instead of having to drive every day from home and back. Driving can be a bit of a hassle for her because she neither close to a main street or a freeway. She currently dorms at Hillside in Los Cerritos and really likes it their. The whole bathroom situation is not a problem for her. Many girls tend to not want to dorm their because of the bathrooms but Serena actually does not see the problem.

Serena came from Jordan High School which is also located in Long beach. Not many of her close friends chose to attend the same university as her though but that is okay because at the dorms she told me that she made more friends. Art 110 has also allowed her to meet new friends as well. Although she lives 20 minutes away from CSULB, Serena does go home every weekend. She told me that ever since she got a car she’s been going home every weekend to see family, friends, and her boyfriend. During Serena’s high school years, she played softball and was involved in the gay straight alliance club. She also was involved in a running club which prepares students to run in the LA Marathon. She actually ran in the marathon last year! 13 miles of the marathon she ran and the rest she walked/ran. So far this is her greatest achievements!

We then began to talk about why we chose the career of a Civil Engineer and she told me that all of her adolescent life she loved to build stuff with LEGOS. She has always been into how things are made and the way their made. She mainly likes the building of bridges and sky scrappers. She actually had an internship at the port of Long Beach and it allowed her to experience what fields a Civil Engineer can do. We then began to talk about the pets we have. She has two cats one is a girl named Kitty and the other is a boy and his name is Sky who is 8 years old! She told me that she does not like dogs though. Were opposite on that end.


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