Week 9: Artist Interview – Sheila Ann Rodriguez

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This week I got to experience a whole new meaning to art and the different modes art can be put in an art studio. In the Merlino Gallery, Sheila Rodriguez art work caught my attention right away. What my eyes first took note of was the strings hanging from the house portraits. I then began to realize that they look like roots! The title of Sheila’s gallery is “Uprooted.” The title of this gallery made me wonder if theirs an actual bond between the artist and these homes or if these homes were a part of America’s history.

After being in this gallery, I found out that Sheila, the artist, had a childhood that is not like many other children. As she was growing up, her parents would get married and remarried often which resulted in her having to move across the United States. A home to her was not a home, it was just a house. She lived in so many houses that she was not able to completely call a house her home. Every memory that she spent in the houses she lived in were all left to forget because she would move so often and move so far as well. Growing up, children always make memories in their homes by the way they play in the house and even the friends they make around their home. Not Sheila though, every time she moved, it was a whole new life again. Having to make new friends and getting used to the new city is very difficult to do.

Sheila’s art work is very amazing because she combines drawing, painting, and threads¬†together in one masterpiece. She stated that “she draws as she weaves, working with both texture and color of threads and materials.” With the ability to weave thread, this allowed Sheila to draw in space, meaning that she can make the material look how she wants it to look. She has to knot, twine, coil, and sew the patterns in order to get the desired figure. By doing all of this, she is able to make the figure of a home with roots holding it down to the presumed to me ground.


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  1. Hi Rogelio. Very nice write up!

    Your tag is kind of messed up. You have a whole URL as your tag. Can you please go back and delete this tag, and then just type in the tag box “merlino-gallery” — without the quotation marks. I’m going to give you 1 point for this for now. If you can update the tag, LMK and I”ll give you full credit. You can LMK just by replying to this comment, or you can send me an email. TY!

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