Week 9: Activity – Architecture & Urban Planning

IMG_0048[1] IMG_0049[1]

For this week’s activity, I chose the engineering 2 building. The reason to why I chose this building is because its a bit out dated compared to the other engineering buildings. This building is one of the oldest buildings of the engineering department. I also tend to always have a class in this building. Every semester that I’ve attended in CSULB has involved at least one class in this building. The building is three stories high making it a medium sized building.

The history that I found out about the building is that it was first completed in 1962. At the time of completion, CSULB was actually named LBSC. CSULB has actually been through a few name changes but the Engineering 2 building has not. At the time of the buildings completion, Ex-U.S. President Nixon came to LBSC to speak to the crowd of LBSC students and campaign for the next California Governor. Building this building was a great achievement because many students began attending LBSC which demanded for more rooms in order to provide the students with the necessary space. This building allowed the hospitality of many students.

The building being three stories high and housing over 30 rooms allowed the use for more classes and students to attend them. In present times, the building’s first floor is used for seminar classes and a school’s engineering organization, the second floor has a computer/studying area and classrooms as well, the third floor has a room dedicated for engineering counseling and more class space/study space. This building is also connected by a walk path on the second and third floors attaching to the VEC and the ECS building.

The drawing to the left is my vision of how CSULB is. Its not to scale AT ALL! I later realized that I completely left out the music area practically because I spend no time at all in that area. The drawing to the right is my redesign model of CSULB. I would add a lot more parking because it is such a hassle finding parking and then having to walk so far in order to get to your class. The school’s staff is lucky because their parking is actually located near the building but the general parking is mainly on the opposite side of where the classrooms are. I enjoyed doing this activity because I got to plan out where buildings would be located and it made me use my head on how things would work better. It also allowed me to think what things would actually help CSULB be better.IMG_0053


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