Week 10: Activity – Student Choice


For this week’s activity, I chose to write my name in bubble letters on construction paper. The reason why I did this activity is because I really enjoyed week 2 activity when we spray painted our name in bubble letters. I kept my doubt thinking I couldn’t do bubble letters because spray painting with bubble letters was pretty hard. When I did this activity but with markers, it was surprisingly easier. When we did it with spray paint, it was difficult because the wind played a big role on how the paint sprayed evenly. On the other hand, the markers allow you to spread the color evenly and without smudging all over the area.

I really enjoyed doing this activity because it kept me busy for a while. The whole time I was thinking on how to make my name stand out more and I thought about putting different colors around the name. I then got the idea of using flames and I then integrated flames between my name. I would have enjoyed going to Venice Beach again and painting my name on the wall again but with markers this time. Markers were much more useful for me especially because the colors don’t wont mix up when I write my name out.

I also wanted to do the yarn bombing activity again because it was also an exciting activity. Yarn bombing and spray painting activity were both awesome. I enjoy working with paint and markers especially when you can design anything you want. Barely this year, I was introduced to yarn art and it is awesome as well. Noticing these other types of arts is helpful because you get to see things in different perspectives.


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