Week 10: Classmate Interview – Kyler


This week I got to meet Kyler. Yes, the name Kyler matches the name Tyler. Kyler is currently a freshman at California State University, Long Beach. His major is Biology and he plans of being a Trauma Surgeon. I asked Kyler why does he want to be a Surgeon and he responded that his mom actually had some influence on him because she was a nurse. When his school had a job fair, Kyler met a Trauma Surgeon and was completely convinced to become a Trauma Surgeon. He also likes that fact that in this job field, every day will consist of different things.  Not many patients will come with the same surgery needed to be performed on.

We then began to talk about our hobbies. Kyler enjoys playing basketball, hanging out with friends, eating, and sleeping. His favorite basketball team of all time is the Lakers. The places that Kyler has traveled to out of the country is the Manila & Loongapo, Philippines. He went for three weeks and arrived in the Philippines traveling through plane. He currently works at Long Beach in the Park and Recreation Organization. He enjoys working at this job because he gets to work with kids.

In his job, he does refereeing for kids sports, and does the after school program called WRAP. In WRAP, he help children with their homework and reading.He currently has 1 year working at the Long Beach Park and Recreation Organization. He also likes the job because of his co-workers. They spend good time with each other and they get along. We both agreed that having friends at work makes things better because time passes by so fast. Kyler’s favorite type of art is paintings and drawings. He kind of isn’t artistic and wishes he could be.


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