Week 11: Activity – Plaster Casting

IMG_0138[1]This week’s activity was the hardest for me. I ended up doing the activity at my house which was probably the start of the problem. I went to go get some sand in order to make the mold of my hand in the sand. I started off by making a hole in the ground. The city that I am from has the hardest dirt! It was a bit of a struggle to make the whole the desired depth for my hand to go in. When I was digging the whole, I also ran into a few pipes which I was scared of because I thought I broke one.

After I made the hole, I prepared the sand by mixing it with some water. I wet the whole pile of sand just enough for it to be used for molding. I placed some sand at the bottom of the whole and then I inserted my hand and had Nallely help me out by covering my hand with the sand. After we compacted by hand inside with sand, it was difficult to remove my hand from the hole without messing up the mold inside.

Once I removed my hand, we began to fill the hole with plaster. We gave the plaster an hour to dry but it did not. We left both of our molds in the sand until the next day but it still did not dry. We then had to go with a second option which was using cement. Cement was a much better option because it was easier for me to stir it with water and being able to insert it into the molds. It also dried much faster and our molds were complete. I was a bit devastated that the plaster molds never dried up and had to go with another option of cement. This activity was a fun activity but it requires patience and time, especially if it is not performed at the beach


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