Week 11: Artist Interview – Jerry Piña & Kyler Kruse


This week’s artist interview,I chose to interview Jerry Peña and Kyler Kruse. This was the first time I got to see two artists who worked together and show their masterpiece to the public. Their artwork was all built in a garage. The time it took to finish their artwork was 3 months and 15 hours. The 15 hours only consisted of putting the artwork together! That is a lot of time in order to complete this masterpiece. Their masterpiece is something much different than what most artists do. Not every artist makes their portraits and adds an interesting background and cover the base below the portraits with ripped newspapers. Another creative feature was the car bumper next to the IMG_0135[1]entrance. All of the features was basically what convinced me to interview the artists.

Both artists are striving to get their BFA in print making. The artists met around a year ago and continue to make their friendship stronger. The reason why they met is because they kept having the same classes together and both decided to have an art gallery together. That is an awesome way to bond with a friend because 3 months of working on an object and turning it into something artistic needs a lot of time and thinking. Peña first started off with being a psychology major and ended up realizing art was his major. He then began with drawing on paper and doing all kinds of portraits.  Kruse began with being IMG_0133[1]undeclared and chose to get his BFA in printmaking.

The reason for having the bumper by the entrance is because the bumper creates the frame to the paintings. None of the paintings in the gallery had a wooden frame but instead nails or they were plain. The trash on the floor was a mode of creating the environment. Not saying that the floor was dirty was household trash, but instead ripped newspapers gave the sort of “I am almost done with my masterpiece” environment.What inspired the artists to create and make the gallery look how it is was the area they grew up in. The environment was the foundation of inspiration to create a gallery filled with graffiti and other modes of art seen in most living areas.


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