Week 12: Activity – Algorithmic Art

1. Grab a piece of paper, ruler, 2 different color markers, and a pencil.IMG_0167[1]2. With a pencil, make a dot on every corner of the paper 1 cm from each edge.

IMG_0166[1]3. Connect the four dots making a smaller sized square compared to the paper.

4. Locate the short line you drew and make little marks 2.5 cm apart from each other (you should have a total of 7 marks along the line).IMG_0169[1]5. Perform the same procedure in step 4 on the other line.

6. Connect the little marks that you made during step 4 and 5 making a total of 8 columns.IMG_0168[1]7. Locate the long line and make little marks along the line 3.25 cm apart from each other (you should have a total of 7 marks).IMG_0170[1]8. Perform the same procedure in step 7 on the other line closest to the edge.

9. Connect the little marks you made during step 7 and 8 making a total of 8 columns.

10. Grab a colored marker and chose a corner to start on. Skip a box and paint the next box.

11. After you finish with one color, grab the other color and paint the rest of the boxes.


What I am going for in writing the procedure is to first confuse people with what the finishing product will be. Writing the procedure is a bit difficult because many of the time I was writing the rules in a way that only makes sense to me. I had to go back many times and change up the wording in order for the things to make sense to other people. I see the difficulty in doing this because you have to write out every single rule out and make sure that you are able to do this with the same outcome I had after trying this activity.

The procedure is pretty much straight forward on what they have to do but the only tricky part is the reason to why I made the four dots 1 cm on every corner. The reason why I did that is because there was a bit of a difficulty making eight even squares so if I removed 2 cm from the paper, I got a perfect number for each column on both edges.  The results I ended up getting is a checker’s paper which can be used to play checkers! It is big enough to be used for chess and other various board games. I enjoyed doing this procedure because not only did I complete an assignment, I am able to keep this activity so I can play a board game when I get bored.


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