Week 12: Artist Interview – Katherine Cox

This week I got to see an awesome pottery exhibition thanks to Katherine Cox. The name of her exhibition is Domestic Implications. Katherine has a Bachelors in Fine Arts. Just by looking at Katherine’s creative IMG_0157[1]pot’s blows my mind all the detail and time she spent making her work. Going back to Katherine’s exhibition, the layout of her show was quite different from others that I have seen in the past. As you walk in, to the right you have 5 unique dresses with awesome detailed carving. In the back you have a wall full of pottery and a table as well. On the opposite side of the dresses you have about 5 pot’s with carving as well but placed apart evenly with their own stand. Now in the middle was a black table with three pot’s. The reason to why these three pots were in the middle and not against a wall was because Katherine wants her viewers to see the amazing work she put into them.IMG_0160[1]

Those three pot’s in the middle have amazing detail and are not the same all around. Every side has something different going on. Katherine said that she enjoys making creative patterns that reflect certain experiences that she has had in her life. Katherine’s inspiration to contemporary ceramics was because of three artists; Grayson Perry, Kurt Weiser, and Julia Galloway. Im sorry Katherine but I do not know who they are. After doing a bit of research, I found out that the three artist’s works consist of not just carving but also painting/drawing on the pottery they make. They also create a name for any object they create which is something pretty cool if you were to own one of their pots.

IMG_0158[1]Katherine did not get the idea of carving from ceramics but by all the other fields she has been into like woodblock carving, weaving, and textiles. Her patterns come from not only her life experiences but other things like living in Michigan and Southern California as well. Her pottery take anywhere from 30 minutes to 1 hour to makes. What takes a long time is the carving. Carving can take up to 3 days or even more; depending on the details of the image. Another process that requires a lot of time firing the pot. After putting the pot in the kiln, it takes another three days to completely dry up the clay. After this process, Katherine cannot do anything else to the pot because it is completely hardened and dry.


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