Week 12: Classmate Interview – Mat Stahl


This week I met Mat Stahl. Mat attends California State University, Long Beach. He is currently a sophomore at CSULB. His major is deigning. What he currently is doing at CSULB is making craft projects. He uses a lot of paint and also creates a lot of drawings. What his major typically deals with is similar projects like engineers but without the calculus needed. His major deal with computers which is what he wants to do. He wants to create designing projects on computer, not on paper. Which also leads to his favorite art being animation. As we can see, Mat is pretty much into artistic work and enjoys it a lot.

Mat’s hobbies are: running, skiing, golfing, video games, and recently he got into paddle boarding. It makes sense that Mat is around the water often because he only lives about 30 minutes away at Huntington Beach. Mat’s favorite video game is Grand Theft Auto 5. His favorite video game console is an Xbox 1. The reason to why he is an Xbox fan is because when he was younger he owned a Wii to play Super Smash Bros but it broke and decided to get the Xbox and started to get more games for it. His previous console before the Wii was a PS2 only to play Grand Theft Auto games.

Mat currently works at a super market called Gelson’s located in Irvine. Since Mat lives in Huntington Beach, he commutes to school and then afterschool heads off to work. The places that Mat has traveled to are Mexico and Caribbean Island. In Mexico he went to Baja California. He told me he did not do much out there because he was only 12 years old and had to be with his family the whole time. His favorite restaurant is Buffalo Wild Wings. His favorite type though is fish. Not just one kind of fish, all kinds of fish. He told me he has not yet tasted every seafood out there in the sea but hopes he can one day.


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