Week 13: Classmate Interview – Brandon Harmada

IMG_0178[1]This week I met Brandon Harmada. Brandon attends California State University, long Beach. His major is Mechanical Engineering. He is currently a freshman here at CSULB. Brandon is from my hometown! He lives in Palmdale, CA and attended Pete Knight High School. His old high school and my old high school are arch enemies and are only 10 minutes apart in a car. Brandon’s old high school is actually in the city of Palmdale and my high school is a bit passed the end of Palmdale. He does not commute because that would be a horrible 3 hour drive with all the traffic in the morning when passing through the Valley and LA areas. Instead, Brandon stays at the dorms at Beachside in Pacific building, same as me.

Brandon’s hobbies are video games, writing stories, play football with friends, and basketball. When I asked Brandon what his favorite video game is, he had a bit of a difficulty answering the question. In the end, he ended up saying that his favorite video games is Bio Shock Infinite. As of favorite video game console, he does not have a favorite one. He instead has every single console in order to play any game. I see this as a good thing because when I used to play video games, I would be mad because I used to enjoy playing Halo on my Xbox but when I upgraded to a PS3, no more Halo for me.

I asked Brandon how often does he go home and he answered, “not often at all.” The reason isn’t because he doesn’t like his family, it’s mainly because of school. Last semester, he only went home three times and that’s because of the holidays other than that he stayed in his dorm. He actually enjoys being at the dorm. He likes the environment especially because theirs new people to meet and make new friends. We then began to talk about television. We both agreed that our television out here is basically our phones and laptops. Back when Brandon used to watch TV, his favorite show was Game of Thrones and Firefly.


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