Week 14: Classmate Interview – Angelica Palad

IMG_0193[1]This week’s classmate interview, I met Angelica Palad. Angelica is a freshman at California State University Long Beach. She currently stays at the dorms at Parkside in one of the front buildings. I am not saying which building because people might go out and try looking for her. She actually does not plan on dorm-ing next year. She would enjoy having more room to herself and is looking to rent an apartment for the school year. The thing she dislikes about Parkside Dorms, and everyone else that stays there, is the heat! Parkside does not having an AC system and during hot days, the rooms tend to get even hotter than the temperature outside. Angelica said it would be very difficult to sleep if she did not have the fan on in the room.

Angelica is from a city called Porterville, CA. She told me it is in between Bakersfield and Fresno. She actually enjoys Long Beach because of the much cooler temperature and the environment. Angelica’s major is Nutrition and Dietetics. What she wants to use her major is to become a Dietitian. I should have asked her what I should highly eat in order to maintain a steady body weight. Angelica is into make-up and she seemed surprised when I talked about what I know about make-up. Her favorite make up store is Sephora. Her favorite make up brand is Urban Decay.

Angelica’s family consists of 6 other sisters + her + both of her parents = 9. That is a pretty big family and it is a good thing because she has so many sisters to talk to/ play with. She is the second oldest of all of her sisters. Angelica likes to draw on her free time. She also likes to go out for runs and staying in shape. A different country that she has visited is the Philippines. Her parents own property out there and all of her family lives on that property. When they went to visit them, her parents had to buy a lot of plane tickets. Along the airplane ride, she stopped in a Japanese airport for about 2 hours and then continued their journey.


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