Week 15: Classmate Interview – Jairo


This week I met Jairo. Jairo is currently a Junior at California State University, Long Beach.  His major is communications and has developed great speaking skills with any person he meets. He does get a bit nervous at first when he talks to people but after a few minutes, he gets comfortable speaking. In Jairo’s Freshman year, he was in Mechanical Engineering but switched to Communications. It wasn’t because of all the math he had to take it was the environment that made him switch his major. I do agree with Jairo that the engineering environment is not the best and students in classes tend to not want to give help.

Jairo does not live in Long Beach, he lives in Wilmington with his family. He currently commutes but plans on getting a place for himself soon. He works in North Gate in a food market called Gonzales Markets. What is very awesome is the he is the manager of the meat department! In his job, there are about 3 managers one being the head of everyone. He already applied to become the main manager and will soon be getting the position. His current position involves managing the quality of the foods, making sure that the food is fresh, people doing their jobs, and making sure that the selves are full with merchandise. The difficult part of his job is that he is both a full time student and a full time worker. That is like working two full time jobs.

Jairo listens to Rap and Old School Rap. His favorite artists are Big L, Gang Starr, Kendrick Lamar, etc. He mainly likes the rap that was made in the old times. He also likes the singers who are individual because when they get into a group, their music changes in order to accommodate every person in the group. During the summer Jairo plans on going to Mexico to visit some family. He has never been out of the country but he has been out of the state. He has been to Arizona and Las Vegas. He sadly did not get to enjoy Vegas because he was only 18 years old at the time. Over the summer he also plans on going to Vegas to enjoy what it has to offer.


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