Week 14: Artist Interview – Yireh Elaine Kwak

IMG_0210[1]For this week artist interview, I got to see Yireh Elaine Kwak amazing Fullerton Hills painting. Yireh told us that she wants to be different from most artists. She gets her inspirations from her surroundings and paints a picture of what she is surrounded by. She currently lives in Fullerton Hills and her picture gives viewers a lot of detail on how the area she lives in looks like. Of course it is not that color but the color she uses pulls the viewers’ attention. Then our own imagination puts the colors that we would actually see if we were looking at Fullerton Hills.

Yireh has her plans set on working in a museum or working as an artist. She is currently getting her portfolio ready with all of her best works in order to take them with her to her future interviews. Yireh has actually made some business with her artistic work, she has already sold some of her paintings. The one she was displaying in the gallery is one of her most recently finished masterpieces but I am not sure if she will be selling this one. Her art consists of landscapes which tends to have a lot of artist. This is where Yireh wants to be different in order to stand out from every other landscape artists’. The title of her masterpiece is called “Home.” I pretty much explained in the first paragraph what the painting is about and the title completes the thought of it being the area in which her home is located.

Her artwork took around a month and a half to complete. This is one of her most recent finished artworks and still plans on creating more paintings of the area she lives in. She enjoys living in areas like this because she has the advantage of creating landscape portraits and showing them to CSULB students now and in the future in museums. It is amazing how Yireh sits in her backyard and with a sketch book she sketches everything she sees in her back yard and then copies her sketches to a much bigger paper. She highly uses oil paints because it gives her paintings the best range of neutral colors.