Week 13: Artist Interview – Mart Knop

IMG_0179[1]This week’s artist interview, I got to see Marty Knop’s amazing computer programmingvisual arts. Marty’s gallery allowed me to see what Professor Zucman was asking for on last week’s activity. My visual information looks nothing like what Marty makes. What is amazing of this computer designing art is that it is all done through a computer software. To me personally, it sounds a bit difficult to do because working with computers and using a program can be pretty hard. Marty has a degree of Master’s in Fine Art Printmaking. Marty’s form of art follows a set of instructions that he personally creates. Then he passes on his set of instructions to other artists or he chooses to follow his set of instructions.IMG_0180[1]

As you can see on my blog week 10 artist interview, Marty actually created Dawn Ertl’s set of instructions on how to create her other weaving creation. Marty actually helped her on making the weaving pattern. Going back to Marty’s gallery, the program he uses to create his designs is Wolfram. Wolfram requires programming skills as well as mathematics. The reason why math is involved is because you have to transform every math symbol into computer graphics. When doing this process, it is very important to keep track of every detail you put into Wolfram. If something is entered incorrectly, the shapes or line will not come out how they should.

Seeing Marty’s artwork and knowing how Wolfram works, I am able to see all the detail he has to go through. Wolfram is practically a notepad with a bunch of words and symbol, each telling the system what to do and how to do it. Marty’s artwork is completely different from what people see as art and the types of arts a gallery has. When people think of art, they usually think portraits or sculptures. Thanks to Marty and other printmaking artists, art can be seen in more than just two ways.IMG_0181[1]